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The Six Reasons Why You Need to Have Regular Dental Check-ups

Woman getting a dental check-up

Attending regular dental checkups is crucial for these reasons:

  1. Prevention of Dental Problems: Regular checkups allow your dentist to identify potential issues early, such as cavities, gum disease, or oral cancer. Early detection often means easier and less expensive treatment.

  2. Oral Hygiene Guidance: Dentists and dental hygienists can provide personalized advice on how to improve your oral hygiene routine, including proper brushing and flossing techniques.

  3. Detection of Signs of Systemic Diseases: Oral health is closely linked to overall health. Dentists may be able to detect signs of systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or osteoporosis during a dental exam.

  4. Monitoring Growth and Development: For children and adolescents, regular dental checkups allow the dentist to monitor the growth and development of their teeth and jaws, and intervene if any issues arise.

  5. Maintaining Dental Work: If you have fillings, crowns, bridges, or other dental work, regular checkups ensure that these restorations are in good condition and functioning properly.

  6. Preservation of Natural Teeth: By addressing dental issues early and maintaining good oral hygiene, you can reduce the risk of tooth loss and preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible.

Book your next check-up online with Hampton Dental Care

Our secure online booking function allows you to book you or your child in for a check-up in minutes. Adult check-ups are only £45, whilst check-ups and general dentistry for under 18's are completely free!


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