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General Adult Dentistry

Save money. Smile more.

Get started by booking an adult check-up online for only £45


Save Money. Smile More.

Prioritise your oral health with tailored general adult dentistry at Hampton Dental Care in Liverpool. From preventative care to specialised treatments, our dentists are committed to addressing your unique dental needs, ensuring a healthy and confident smile for years to come.

Why choose Hampton Dental Care for your general dentistry?

  • Save money on the highest quality treatment.

  • Transparent pricing, so you know our treatment prices before you visit us.

  • No high-pressure sales tactics.

  • We use the most advanced technology and materials available.

  • A bespoke treatment plan (if required) at each check-up to maintain your oral health.

  • Every Hampton check-up includes a screening for oral cancer.

  • All treatment carried out by a GDC-registered professional.

  • Available to book online 24/7.

  • FREE email & text appointment reminders.

  • Step-free access available at the practice via a lift.

  • Pay for treatment on a 'pay as you go' basis, or save even more with members-only treatment prices via one of our affordable membership options. Just ask your dentist to carry out a FREE Denplan assessment at your check-up. Visit our membership page for more information.

  • FREE email & text reminders when your next check-up is due.

  • Spread the cost with 0% finance***.

How much will my treatment cost?

At Hampton Dental Care, we're on a mission to provide dental treatment at a fair price, so our treatment prices are completely transparent. 
Your dentist will fully inform you of any treatments required to keep your teeth and gums happy and healthy, as well as the total cost, prior to starting. 0% finance may also be available to allow you to spread the cost.

We avoid using 'from' prices, to allow you to compare prices to other dental practices, and see how much you could save by choosing Hampton Dental Care.


Save money on the highest quality dental treatment.

Get started by booking an adult check-up online for only £45. 

Want to see our comprehensive price list before you book? Use the link below to see how much you could save by choosing Hampton.

Your general dentistry journey



Your Check-up.

Your Hampton dentist will check your whole mouth, including your teeth, gums, and all soft-tissue areas. Each Hampton check-up also includes a screening for oral cancer. They'll provide advice on maintaining your oral health and will inform you of any further treatment which you require. If you don't need further treatment, you'll be informed of how often you need to visit the dentist. 

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Treatment (if required).

Your GDC-registered Hampton dentist will carry out any treatment you require in-surgery, using the most advanced dental technology and materials available. 

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Your FREE check-up reminder.

Once you've completed your treatment and provided us with your email address, you'll receive an email reminder next time your check-up is due. Then, simply use our online booking page to book your next check-up 24/7.

  • What is an air polish?
    An air polish uses a targeted jet of compressed air, water and specially formulated powder directed at the teeth to remove staining, plaque and calculus from the surfaces of the teeth, and underneath the gum line. A special air polishing dental handpiece is used to perform the treatment. The treatment can remove even stubborn stains from the tooth surface and helps to prevent tooth decay, bleeding gums, gum disease and tooth loss.
  • What is a scale & polish?
    A scale & polish uses a hand scaler, and ultrasonic scaler where necessary, to remove deposits of plaque and calculus on your teeth and the gum line. The dentist then polishes the teeth using a special paste to leave them bright and shiny.
  • What's the difference between air polishing and a scale & polish?
    An air polish is more comfortable, quicker and more effective than a scale & polish due to the design of the air polish handpiece. The powder used in an air polish is also less abrasive than the paste used in a scale & polish. It is considered more suitable than a scale & polish for patients with more sensitive teeth and gums.
  • What causes teeth staining?
    Teeth staining is very common, but some things can increase staining, including smoking/tobacco, coffee, red wine, curry, and a poor dental hygiene regime.
  • Is air polishing safe and pain-free?
    Yes, the powder used is also less abrasive than the paste used in a scale & polish. The treatment is pain-free and non-invasive. Your treatment at Hampton Dental Care will also be carried out by a GDC-registered professional.
  • How often should I book in for a hygiene treatment?
    This depends on the individual patients’ preference. Regular hygiene treatments help keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling fresh. They also help to prevent tooth decay, bleeding gums, gum disease and tooth loss. The procedures are completely safe, so more regular hygiene treatments will not harm your teeth or gums.
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