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Switch & save with Hampton Dental Care

How much will you save by switching from your current dentist to Hampton Dental Care?


Switch & Save

I don't have a dentist, how do I join Hampton Dental Care?

There's no formal registration required! To save money on the highest quality dental treatment simply book an appointment online. You can book your routine check-up, a hygiene treatment, or if you want to be assessed for cosmetic treatments as well, book a check-up + cosmetic consultation appointment to include both your check-up & cosmetic assessment at the same appointment. 

I have a dentist, can I switch & save today?

Yes you can! Just book your check-up, or include a cosmetic consultation by booking a check-up + cosmetic consultation. Want a hygiene appointment in the meantime? These are also available to book online as well. We only ask that you don't have an existing treatment plan open at another dental practice at the time of your appointment with us.

Do I need to tell my old dentist that I'm leaving them?

Not if you don't want to. Our dentists carry out a full assessment of your oral health at every check-up appointment and check-up + cosmetic consultation appointment, so they'll be able to diagnose any treatment you need without prior records.

I'm visiting the area and I'd like to come to you for a one-off treatment

We'd be happy to see you. Simply book your appointment online with us whilst you're in the area. 

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