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Denplan Care from only £19.50 per month

Denplan Essentials for only £17.48 per month

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Save Money. Smile More.

Denplan Care: A comprehensive membership plan from only £19.50 per month

This is our most comprehensive membership plan, including:

  • Your routine check-ups. 

  • Your routine scale & polish appointments.

  • All necessary x-rays.

  • All routine dental treatment required (excluding lab fees).

  • All emergency dental treatment.

  • Worldwide emergency dental cover (provided via a 24-hour UK call centre).

  • 10% discount applied to cosmetic dental treatment.​

How to join Denplan Care

The amount you pay per month is graded (A-E). This is based on your oral health, and how much dental treatment you are expected to require on an annual basis. Your Hampton dentist can carry out a free Denplan assessment as part of your check-up, or check-up + cosmetic consultation appointment. They will then be able to inform you which grade of plan you will require. You must have any existing treatment completed before joining Denplan care, so this will be carried out prior to you joining the plan. Once you join the plan, all of your routine dental care is covered (you only need to cover any lab fees required), plus the amazing benefits listed above.


Denplan Care monthly fees 

Grade A: £19.50
Grade B: £28.61
Grade C: £35.93
Grade D: £44.93
Grade E: £55.05

Denplan Essentials: A maintenance membership plan for only £17.48 per month

If you want to cover your regular check-ups and scale & polish appointments, then the Essentials plan could be perfect for you. This includes:

  • Two check-ups per year.

  • Two scale & polish appointments per year.

  • Worldwide emergency dental cover (provided via a 24-hour UK call centre).

  • Access to emergency dental treatment (and a 10% discount on any treatment required, excluding lab fees).

  • 10% discount applied to routine dental treatment.

How to join Denplan Essentials

denplan ess.png

You don't need to have your existing treatment completed prior to joining Denplan Essentials. You can join straight away so that it includes your first check-up, plus you can then take advantage of the great benefits listed above, including discounts on routine treatment you might need. Simply pop in to the practice, complete the required forms, then book your first check-up with Hampton Dental Care.

Denplan Essentials monthly fee: £17.48 

Frequently Asked Questions

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