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Why should you consider a regular scale & polish?

illustration of decayed teeth

No matter how well you clean your teeth there will always be hard to reach areas of your mouth which are tricky to clean. Plaque can build up over time on the teeth and under the gum line, potentially leading to gum disease.

How does a scale & polish help?

A scale & polish uses an ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and the build-up of tartar deposits on your teeth and gum line, including all hard to reach areas. Your teeth are then polished using a specially formulated prophylaxis paste to prevent decay and to leave your teeth feeling clean.

prophylaxis paste

When will I see results?

Results are instant, so your teeth will be fresh and clean straight after your appointment.

Is a scale & polish available on the NHS?

The NHS only covers scaling which is clinically required and only after diagnosis at an NHS check-up. Any diagnosed scaling will cover areas of your mouth which are deemed to require scaling. Polishing isn't covered by the NHS.

Amazing value

At only £50, a regular scale & polish won't break the bank. There's no registration, check-up or check-up + consultation required, so book your scale & polish online today.

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